Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do your decals last?

We strictly use a High-Performance material for all of our decals. The manufacturer rates it for up to 7 years of Outdoor durability*.


Once our decals are printed, they are then Laminated for a Durable, High-Gloss finish and added UV protection.

If applied correctly, our decals are 'Carwash' proof (we test this weekly on our shop truck) and 'Mudproof'.



Will your decals stick to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?

Our decals will adhere to any clean smooth surface, including metal, fiberglass, plastic, glass and painted surfaces.

You can use your decal on almost anything: Cars, Trucks, 4x4`s, Motorcycles, Helmets, Race Trailers, Lawnmowers, Mailboxes, Windows, Mirrors, Refrigerators or even your Toolbox.

Will this decal fit on my car?

We size almost all of our decals to be a 'Universal' fit.

Some of our Flame decal sets are specially designed so that you can apply them in endless arrangements to create a completely unique look for your ride. This way, not only will they fit many different vehicles, but no 2 sets will come out the same.

We purposely size our Windshield decals at 36" wide, so they are still big and bold, but will fit the pitch and curvature of different windshields without distorting the shape of the decal.

Windshield decals aren`t just for windshields either. Many of our customers get two and use them as side body graphics, put them on pickup tailgates, bumpers, sunroof deflectors and race trailers.

Are these decals easy to apply?

Yes, even if you have no experience applying decals, you can get excellent results. Just take your time.
Click on the  'Application Instructions' button on the top of this site. We have a few different application methods and a link to our Application videos that show how easy it is.

We also include support with any purchase. If you have any questions at all about applying your decals, feel free to contact us. We`re here to help!

Will decals damage my car`s paint? Are they easy to remove?

As long as your vehicle`s paint is in good condition to start with, decals will not damage your paint. Most factory/professional paint will be absolutely fine. However! Use at your own risk on major auto parts chain store rattlecan home paint jobs and any vehicle showing signs of rust and loss of paint adhesion!

The material we use has a 4-year manufacturer rated* 'Removable' adhesive, meaning that it can be removed for up to 4 years without leaving heavy adhesive residue.

Can these decals be Cleared over?

Yes, they can be Clearcoated, there are a few important details to follow for this.



Why should I use decals instead of getting a professional paint job?

One of the greatest things about using decals versus custom paint is that they can be removed. If you change your mind or just want to rock a new color, you can take them off and put on a new set.

There's another really fantastic thing about decals that you just can't get with custom paint and that's knowing exactly how the graphics will look! You don't have to put down a steep deposit and then hope the painter understood what you're looking for. You already know exactly what you're going to get!

Thank you for checking us out, and we look forward to helping you Customize your ride!

*These are manufacturer ratings, individual results can vary depending on environmental conditions and care.