How to find the colors that represent who you are

How to find the colors that represent who you are

21st Jun 2019

Have you ever looked at a custom painted motorcycle and thought "If I could paint, this is how I'd do it" and imagine something completely different, that picture in your minds eye, that is so much better than what someone else has done?  But...can you paint?

Even if you can't paint, that doesn't mean you can't unleash your inner creative heart and mind into this world whether on your own motorcycle or even just your laptop case or tablet.  A picture speaks a thousand words - a thousand words about you.  Who you are.  In the modern world, communication is becoming scarce.  Tattoo's are becoming more popular to make a statement about ones own personality and character without having to say a word.

Learning to paint takes time and learning to paint well is a life-long process.  Are you bogged down by studies and not able to devote that kind of time to learning a hobby?  Or are you so tired after work that all you can think of doing when you get home is kicking your shoes off and having a shot of whiskey while sitting on your favorite, worn down and oh-so-comfortable recliner?  

There are other ways to unleash your inner creative heart and mind and still call what you've created your own, even if you use a little help.

When you are looking at something like your car or motorcycle and don't know how to show who you are, think about what things really encompass your personality: What are your favorite hobbies and things you love to spend time doing when you actually have time to yourself?  

Now...what colors are interlaced into those things?  

That will give you a color palette to begin embarking on the process of creating your unique style that speaks like a painting, showing with, beyond a thousand words, who you are.

Do you like rainy days, walks on the beach, mellow music and a glass of wine?  You'll be tuned right into this color group and each color will speak to a time in your mind when you've spent it the way you really want to spend it.

Shooting hoops, practicing your wheelies and stoppies when no one is watching and hitting the clubs on the weekends?

Or hanging out in the tattoo shop, hitting your favorite dive bar on the way home for some whiskey and kicking off your favorite leather boots when you get home after your butt hits that old leather recliner?

The color scheme of your life is the best place to start to find what colors to go with when you're trying to show on the outside, without a single word, who you are.

What color scheme is your life?  What is your own, unique color palette?